SwitchButton 1.3.1 Published


SwitchButton is one of my open source projects, which can be used for switch button in Android. It has a flat, cute, highly customizable style and it can be customized and used through a simple, direct way. Since published at 9/9/14, it has got nearly 800 stars and has been download more than 10 thousands times all around the world. Link to Github: https://github.com/kyleduo/SwitchButton


I’ve made a bit through in version 1.3.1. Code reconstruction, tintColor feature that makes customize more easily, more simple API and so on. And this is how it looks like now (click it for origin image):



Detail for usage and be found in Github or you can get more information from Demo either from GooglePlay or just DOWNLOAD. The demo shows in common use more than just styles.